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AI-Tek (formerly AIRPAX) Magnetic Speed Sensors

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<span style='font-family: Arial;color: #000000;'>How to Choose a Magnetic Speed Sensor</span>

Magnetic Pickups come in several thread sizes and Thread Lengths.
Here are the steps:
(1) Choose either Passive or Active (Hall Effect) type Sensor -
RPM under 100 RPM will generally use a Hall Effect Sensor
(2) Choose Thread Size and Length
(3) Choose the classification - do you need FM or UL approval for hzardous areas?
(4) Choose the application - General Purpose, High Sensitivity, Power -
(5) Pick the type of connector.
(6) Choose the Mounting Bracket and Sensing Gear ( if required)
(7) Choose the Tachometer

<span style='font-family: Arial;color: #000000;'>AI-Tek Passive Magnetic Speed Sensors</span>

AI-Tek (formerly Airpax) general purpose magnetic \ speed sensors.

<span style='font-family: Arial;color: #000000;'>AI-Tek (AIRPAX) Hall Effect (Active)  Magnetic Speed Sensor</span>

AI-Tek (formerly Airpax) Hall Effect speed sensors.

<span style='font-family: Arial;color: #000000;'>Accessories</span>

Speed Sensing Gears, Mounting Brackets, Cable Assemblies

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