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Pathway Electric Float Switches
  • Pathway Electric Float  Switch Model E200-01-00

    Pathway Electric Float Switch Model E200-01-00

    Price: $238.00

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  • Why use Pathway Electric and Pneumatic Float Switches

    Why use Pathway Level Switches?
    Pathway Level Switches sold by Automatic Controls, such as the E200 and P120 can activate valves, trigger alarms, switch devices such as pumps on or off.  You can also use Pathway Level Switches on production separators, heaters/treaters, scrubbers, liquid accumulators & process vessels. Delivery is usually less than two weeks from receipt of order.

    What Type of Pathway Level Switches are available?

    Pathway level switches are available as a pneumatic level switch P120 and the electric level switch E200.  Pathway also manufactures various control valves to assist you in your level control function and an inline flow indicator. .

    How do Pathway Level Control Switches Work?

    The E200 and P120 Pathway Level Switches use the height of the liquid and the rate of flow through pipes to raise or lower an internal switch. The device then provides an electric or pneumatic signal which can act as a switch input for control systems, alarms or other operations.

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