M5 -- Process Controller Programmer

1/16 DIN - 48x48 mm
Update time : 50 ms
4 outputs (relay, triac, current)
1 program with 16 segments
PID, ON/OFF or valve control algorithm standard
Fast view
Memory chip for rapid re-configuration
Sophisticated multifunction process controller
Prices start at $375 -

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M2 -- Temperature Controller for Hot Runners
Model M2-3603-0000
1/16 DIN - 48x48 mm
3 outputs (relay or logic)
Current Transformer input
Average safety output
Option at extra cost:
Digital Remote Setpoint Control

M1 -- Temperature Controller
Model M1-3000-0000
1/16 DIN - 48x48 mm
2 outputs (relay, triac, logic)
Options at extra cost:
* RS485 ,
* Transmitter power supply
* Analog retransmission

M3 -- Heat / Cool Temperature Controller

Model M3-0000-0000
1/16 DIN - 48x48 mm
3 outputs (relay, logic, triac)
Analog retransmission or serial comms
Built in timer function
Current Transformer input and transmitter power supply
Low cost for more advanced applications
Other options available at extra cost - check brochure