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Liquid Level Control

Electric Float Switch

Why Liquid Level Control?

Liquid level control devices sold by Automatic Controls can activate valves, trigger alarms, switch devices such as pumps on or off, or perform a variety of operations triggered by the level of a liquid.

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What Type of Devices can be Used to Manage Liquid Levels?

Liquid level control can be automated with level control switches sold by Automatic Controls. Automatic Controls sells three types of liquid level control devices
They are: Pneumatic float switches, Electric float switches and Thermal float switches.

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Versatility Liquid Level Control Switches

Our electric float switches are smaller and more economical than most float switches, allowing you to automate and maintain your liquid levels in ways which were previously unavailable.
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How do Liquid Level Control Switches Work?

As the liquid level control switch is raised or lowered by varying liquid height, a magnet is moved closer to or further away from a switch enclosure. As the magnet moves closer, a reed switch in the enclosure closes. As the magnet moves further away, the switch opens. The arm containing the magnet also acts as a counterweight for the float. The float is small and will operate in liquids with a specific gravity as low as 0.4. The interface type will operate with a specific gravity differential as low as 0.1. This small float permits an economical installation in locations where other controls would be cost prohibitive.

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